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It might be difficult to navigate through this thing called life at times. Especially since it isn't equipped with a GPS! We're all just trying to navigate and stay on a straight and narrow route. Have you struck a few bumps on the road and realized that you're letting your anxious thoughts take the wheel? Are you bringing too much baggage from previous relationships with you on this trip? Have you lost confidence in the next step because of a drop in your

self-esteem? Do you have any family troubles that are starting to show up in your rearview mirror? If you've discovered that those potholes have thrown things off balance or are preventing things from working smoothly, it might be time to consider an ALIGNMENT!

Aligning Minds Therapy Services is a Georgia/North Carolina-based virtual mental health group practice that provides therapy services for children and adults.

Our goal is to assist individuals in achieving balance and alignment in all parts of their life by using therapy as a tool for healing from earlier traumas, gaining a better knowledge of their present circumstances, and removing anxiety-inducing ideas about the future.


Our clientele includes those suffering from prior trauma, depression, anxiety, work-life balance, adjustment concerns,

self-esteem, marital troubles, and family conflict. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, person-centered, solution-focused therapy, and a range of mindfulness practices are all employed as part of a collaborative therapeutic strategy.

A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Our Mission

Yolanda Dunn, LCSW

Hey!! My name is Yolanda, and I am the owner of Aligning Minds Therapy Services. I am a proud HBCU graduate from North Carolina! I graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a bachelor’s degree in social work in 2011 and Clark Atlanta University with a master’s degree in social work in 2013. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 8 years of clinical experience. I’ve worked in psychiatric hospitals with adolescents and adults, conducted community-based treatment, dealt with people battling with substance misuse difficulties, and even served as a crisis responder for suicide prevention.


When I’m not working as a therapist, I like to relax and spend time with my family and friends. 

I LOVE MUSIC! Whether it’s going to concerts, seeing live bands, or singing Karaoke; music has continued to be the source of my strength. If there is music, I’m there! I am also a lover of sports and fitness.


Honesty, transparency, and authenticity are my guiding beliefs. My clients can always count on me to provide a welcoming, supporting, and judgment-free environment. While I recognize that life might get the best of us at times, I will always urge my clients to make a commitment to showing up for themselves. Showing up is a form of self-love, and we all deserve to love ourselves more. Showing up is half the battle.


Please complete contact form at the bottom of the page to connect with Yolanda.


Meet Yolanda


LaMont Mitchell, MSW

HELLO! HELLO! I am LaMont, a proud Ann Arbor native and lover of all things Michigan!  I hold a masters degree in social work from The University of Michigan. I have over 20 years of experience working with diverse populations in the Metro Atlanta area. I have served as a crisis responder, school social worker, and conducted community-based treatment. 

As a former collegiate athlete and personal trainer, I have found that fitness and movement plays a huge role in the improvement of our mental well-being. When I am not working as a therapist, I am busy being active and mentoring adolescent males. 

My goal is to shift the learned behavior of masking feelings and "being strong", specifically in the male community. What if strength looked more like setting boundaries, honoring innate feelings, or advocating for yourself? What if the mask was removed and the vulnerability was revealed? What a force to be reckoned with!


My specialties are men's issues, identity issues, dependency issues, depression, anxiety, work-life balance, relationship trauma, work-place trauma, and married couples.

I am offering tele-health sessions as well as WALK & TALK sessions. 

WALK & TALK sessions consist of therapist and client meeting in an agreed location and completing the session while walking and talking. Remember, MOVEMENT IS HEALING!

Please complete contact form at the bottom of the page to connect with LaMont.


Meet LaMont

Shannon Broom, LCSW

Shannon Broom, LCSW


Hello, My name is Shannon. I am originally from Mobile, Al. I am a two-time HBCU graduate with a bachelor’s in social work from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University and a masters in Social Work from Clark Atlanta University. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Georgia and  the state of Rhode Island with over 5 years of clinical experience. I have experience dealing with adolescents and adults with severe mental health diagnosis, gerontology, therapeutic foster care, Crisis mental health counseling, military and family crisis intervention, social service program planning and adults with mild to severe substance abuse issues.

I enjoy spending time with family, dancing, and traveling as my forms of self-care. I love being surrounded by water, if it includes swimming or water sports count me in. I’m known for being the chef of the family as I thoroughly enjoy cooking southern cuisine for my family and friends. I have a background in dance ranging from ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop. I was the captain of my high school and college dance teams, and I also had the honor of being a part of two traveling dance companies. I think it’s safe to say that I LOVE DANCING!!


My specialties are anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and issues related to life’s transitions. My approach to therapy is gentle and healing! While healing looks and feels different for each client, what remains the same is the need for compassion, support, and patience. I continue to remind my clients that healing is not linear and to always give themselves grace. YOU ARE DESERVING OF THE GRACE THAT YOU EXTEND TO OTHERS.  


“A social change warrior that evokes ferocity, passion and empathy in order to create significant positive change in lives of other.”



Nyisha Rogers, LCSW-A

Nyisha Rogers, LCSW-A

Nyia .jpeg




Hey, Hey! I’m Nyisha and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker-Associate. I was Born & raised in small town in North Carolina, which has had a major influence on my passion for helping others. I believe that our unique upbringings have not only shaped our views on life but also impact how we navigate and grow throughout our journeys. With this, at times we reach a point where we recognize how our views and/or functioning may disrupt certain areas of our lives.


As a solution focused clinician I focus on helping clients develop healthy solutions to life’s problems and making valuable connections that can influence their thinking patterns moving forward. I am well versed in CBT , Mindfulness and Play therapy. Each session my clients get closer to gaining insights that may be pivotal towards moving forward in life. I thrive while working with Couples , Young to Middle aged adults and Adolescents. My practicing niche includes; workplace issues, relationship concerns, women’s issues, lack of motivation, stress and anxiety. 

I’m happy to develop a lasting relationship with you! I know that many different circumstances may bring you to therapy. I believe that your urge to develop change is the biggest start towards having the life that you desire.

Hello! I'm Diandra, a licensed clinical social worker boasting over 5 years of clinical expertise and more than a decade immersed in the realm of mental health. I proudly earned my degree from the esteemed Clark Atlanta University, and I'm a passionate supporter of the Panthers! Additionally, I hold a graduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh. My professional journey spans over various settings, from psychiatric hospitals to substance abuse treatment centers, in-home therapy, and providing behavioral health services in healthcare settings.

Family is paramount in my life, and I'm a mother of four. My blended family is the heart of my world. I cherish spending time them, whether it's attending weekly sporting events, embarking on vacations, or creating new memories. I relish moments with my friends, exploring new restaurants, and whipping up TikTok-inspired meals. I’m a true foodie at heart!

My therapeutic approach is highly individualized, catering to each client's unique needs. During our sessions, you can anticipate a collaborative and supportive atmosphere where we jointly identify goals and devise strategies for positive transformation. My ultimate aim is to empower you to foster a positive mindset, cultivate effective coping mechanisms, and broaden your repertoire of problem-solving skills to lead a gratifying and purposeful life.

Recognizing that therapy is a relatively new concept for some communities, I'm dedicated to assisting my clients in preserving their core values. It's crucial to emphasize that therapy and one's belief in God or spirituality can coexist harmoniously. In fact, for many individuals, their faith plays a pivotal role in their emotional and mental well-being. Thus, my motto is: "Talk to God and a therapist!"


I can’t wait to connect with you!



Individual Therapy - 1 hr Session


A one-on-one session between the client and the therapist is known as individual therapy. During individual sessions, we will work through the issues that have been identified. Client and therapist will work together to set realistic goals and explore the measures required to achieve them.

Family Therapy - 1 hr Session


Family therapy aims to make the family unit more functional. Family therapy is a collaborative effort that requires each family member to commit to showing up, being honest and being open. Every member of the family will be heard and appreciated.

Accepted Insurances in Georgia:Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care, Optum, Oscar Health

Accepted Insurances in North Carolina: Cigna, United Health Care, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield

Loveland Vouchers Accepted 

Don't wait for the stars to align, reach up and rearrange them the way you want...create your own constellation -Pharrell Williams

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